Mrs Jan Knight

Mrs Jan Knight

Role : To support the Governors, the Headteacher and Senior Leaders. To chair or participate in full Governing Body meetings and committee meetings, and to be a spokesperson for the Governing Body.

I have had the privilege of being a Governor at the school since 2000, when I was appointed as a Parent Governor whilst my eldest daughter was in Foundation 2. Both of my daughters thoroughly enjoyed their time at the school and it was a fantastic start to their school careers! I currently sit on the Finance & Buildings and Personnel & Pay Review Committees and I am the designated Governor for Child Protection.

During my time as a Governor I have seen many exciting changes and developments at the school and I look forward to continuing my involvement with the inspiring children and staff who make Bedgrove Infant School the Outstanding school that it is today.



Caroline WreglesworthHeadteacher

Caroline Wreglesworth

Having received all the professional development and career opportunities needed and enjoying the high expectations of an outstanding school – that stands out, but never still – I find myself totally committed to Bedgrove Infant School, 25 years on. The need to look beyond has never arisen because there has and is always something new happening as research throws up the next exciting challenge. The early years education of children between the ages of 3 – 7 are crucial in child development.

To be responsible, in my role as Headteacher since 2010, for leading a team of dedicated staff in teaching the skills and knowledge these very young children need to build the foundations for life, is a total privilege.




Miss Julie LawrenceDeputy Headteacher

Miss Julie Lawrence
Deputy Headteacher

My role on the Governing Body is that of an Associate Governor.
As the Deputy Headteacher I attend all meetings to support the Governors in understanding the many aspects involved in performance of the school. I am able to deputise for the Headteacher if she is unable to attend, ensuring that a representative of the Senior Leadership Team is present at each meeting.
I ensure that information is shared between the Headteacher and Governors to keep everyone abreast of developments.
My main role so far has involved updating the policies which each school is required to have, making sure they contain the necessary information the Government dictates whilst clearly representing the ethos and practices of our school.






Helena Laughton-Brown

Helena Laughton-Brown

I was elected as a parent governor in April 2012.

I have three children in Bedgrove Infant School currently in F1, year 1 and year 2. I chose this school for my children after being highly impressed at the visit for prospective parents and have continued to be impressed with the school’s striving for excellence. As a parent governor I am able to support this striving through the opportunity to contribute to strategy and to question and challenge the school to both maintain its outstanding performance and set aspirational goals.

I have been part of the Finance and Personnel committees and have contributed towards the parent survey and school learning plan. I have visited the school on several occasions to observe classes and completed feedback reports.

I am employed as a psychologist full time in the NHS.


Karen Parks

Karen Parks

My name is Karen Parks and I joined the governing body of Bedgrove Infant School five years ago when my daughter was in F2. I was elected as a parent governor and I was asked to remain part of the team as a co-opted governor when my four year term came to an end this year.

My daughter, who now attends Bedgrove Junior School, had a fantastic educational experience at Bedgrove Infant School. As an independent education consultant, I am passionate about learning and I feel very proud to be part of an outstanding school in my role as governor, working in close partnership with this outstanding school. I currently chair the curriculum committee and I also sit on the personnel committee.

I have recently taken on the role of vice Chair of the Interim Executive Board at Bedgrove Junior School and I look forward to working in partnership with both schools into the future.



Helen Bush

Helen Bush

I was appointed as a parent governor in October 2010 when my daughter was in F2.

She is currently in Yr3 at Bedgrove Junior School. She thoroughly enjoyed her experience at Bedgrove Infant School, which I believe provided the best start to her education that I could have asked for as a parent.

I was delighted when the school received recognition from OFSTED as an outstanding school and I am determined to help ensure, in my role as a governor, that it is able to maintain the very high standards it sets itself for all the children who pass through our doors, now and in the future. I am a member of both the curriculum and the personnel & pay review committees. As part of a working group of governors and staff I have managed the annual parent survey since 2012. I help organise a programme of governor visits to school. I also take a particular interest in helping to ensure that school policies are reviewed, monitored and updated appropriately as I have a background in the development of policy. I was an active member of the infant school PTA from 2009 to 2013, including chair of the PTA in 2012/13. I was also appointed as a member of the Interim Executive Board of governors at Bedgrove Junior School in February 2014.


Mrs Theresa HeadleySchool Secretary

Mrs Theresa Headley
School Secretary

I have been the non-teaching staff governor for over 15 years.

I am also the school secretary and have been working at Bedgrove Infant School for 20 years. I thoroughly enjoy my role as both governor and school secretary which enables me to be involved in all aspects of school life.

I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else but to stay at this outstanding school.






Mr Bob Smith

Mr Bob Smith

My name is Bob Smith and I am the Health & Safety Governor. I sit on the Buildings and Finance Committee.

All of my 3 children attended and enjoyed their time at Bedgrove Infant school.

I am a self-employed Health and Safety Consultant and Trainer. My aim is to ensure that excellent standards of health and safety are maintained for the children, the staff and any visitors to Bedgrove Infant school.

I am very busy with my business and sometimes I struggle to attend all of the meetings but, at least once each term, I will conduct an inspection.

I believe that the skills that I have gained from both life experience and from my career can add real value to the school.


Mrs Carolyn LeeNursery Manager & Training Consultant

Mrs Carolyn Lee
Nursery Manager & Training Consultant

I first became a parent governor in 2005 when my eldest child started at Bedgrove Infant School. I have been a member of the governing body since then and have had involvement in all of the committees.

I was Chair of the governing body from 2008-2012, a role I thoroughly enjoyed and one which enabled me to support the school in continuing to develop as an outstanding provider of education. I joined the staff team in 2012 as F1 Manager and am also a member of the Senior Leadership team. Prior to this I worked as an Early Years consultant both independently and for Buckinghamshire Early Years Team.






Mrs Carole Godley

Mrs Carole Godley

Being a French national, I have been a parent at the school since 2009 when my eldest son Eliott joined F1. He has moved on to Y3, but enjoyed every minute of infant school. Firmly believing the school nurtured him both academically and socially, I want to make sure other children, and in particular my youngest son, James (currently in F1), benefit from the same positive environment and education.

I was elected parent governor in May 2013. After the initial training and a few specialised courses, I wished to be more deeply involved in the governing body and became Development Governor. This is an administrative role which mainly involves organising individual and group training for governors and managing training records. I am also a member and vice-chair of the Buildings & Finance committee, an area for which my MA in Management and my experience as a legal/financial translator prove to be useful. I also sit on the Personnel & Pay Review committee, attend meetings of the Curriculum committee and always make time to help out wherever I can.



Mrs Suzanne Jackson

Mrs Suzanne Jackson

I was appointed as parent governor in May 2013 and sit on the curriculum committee and am the literacy governor.

I have two boys, one in Foundation 1 and the other Foundation 2. I live in Stoke Mandeville and decided that the school was the right choice for both my boys from the moment I went to view the school. The first impressions were excellent and the feel and ethos of the school felt right. As a secondary school teacher who has responsibility for SEN and students with barriers to learning I know and see every day how important it is to get children’s education right at the start and believe that Bedgrove does this extremely well. Working full time does mean that I am not there at the beginning and the end of the school day, but I try to attend all the meetings and functions that I can during school hours.

As a governor I want to be part of the team that ensures, secures and supports the staff in continuing the high standard of education for all of our children at Bedgrove regardless of circumstances.


Imi Hussain

Imi Hussain

I was elected as an partnership governor November 2013.

Three of my children have been at this school in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. I was extremely pleased with the education my children received and they loved coming to school, so wanted to use this opportunity to give back something to the school and to really get involved in school life as a parent myself.

My aim is to support the good work done by the staff and to continue to develop the school in the ever changing and challenging environments that today’s schools are expected to operate in. I hope my experience in the fast changing technology industry with over 13 years, and especially having the opportunity working with leading edge technology providers within the Public Sector, would be useful to the school and it’s pupils to ensure the school is at the forefront of technology which supports learning and communication.

If there is anything, about the school, that you would like to discuss please don’t hesitate to speak to me.


Mr Jon Teckman

Mr Jon Teckman

Jon is a former Chief Executive of the British Film Insititute (BFI) and of the Phoenix Education Trust.  After university, Jon joined the Civil Service and worked in a number of different departments before joining the Department for National Heritage (later renamed the Department for Culture, Media and Sport) where he was part of the team responsible for introducing the National Lottery and, later, advised Ministers on film policy. Jon currently sits on the Council of Management of the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) where he serves as Treasurer.  He is also a Trustee of The School of Hard Knocks, a charity that seeks to help young people back into employment by developing their team working and other employ ability skills through rugby, is a member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), Vice Chair of the Board of Governors of Bedgrove Infant School and a member of the Interim Executive Board for Bedgrove Junior School.