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Foundation 1

24 May 2019

T Turner (tturner) on: Foundation 1

It has been such fun acting out the story of the week: Three Billy Goats Gruff. The children have taken on the role of the goat or troll with great enthusiasm. Their story maps are incredible, with many children now using some of their phonic sounds to label them. 



We had a visit from Claire from the ambulance service. She spoke to us about her role and demonstrated how she uses her kit. Mrs Warwick was in need of some treatment and Claire was happy to help! The children were really intrigued by her occupation and showed great confidence in asking her questions and reporting on their own understanding of paramedics. Thank you for visiting us Claire, you've made a big impression on the children and they showed this in their role plays after your visit. 




We had an exciting day on Wednesday. While F2 were out at the farm, we were able to go and spend some time in their classrooms having fun (and getting used to their environment). We absolutely loved playing in their garden and enjoyed a story all together at the end of the day in a nice shady spot. Thank you F2, the children are really excited about moving up. 



Friday was 'Elmer day'. We all wore clothes that made us happy. We listened to the story Elmer and made a colourful patch. We stuck all of our patches onto the elephant and this will be displayed with the whole school in the playground. 



Wishing you all a fabulous half term holiday. Please be reminded that there is an inset day on 3rd June, so the children will be back with us on Tuesday the 4th June. Grown up group times are on the 6th and the 7th of this week. 

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17 May 2019

T Turner (tturner) on: Foundation 1

For the past two weeks, we have had great fun with the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. The story was told in so many different ways: Bears v’s Goldilocks, Panto style, on the interactive whiteboard, story maps and on a cartoon strip. The children have acted it out in their play. They have also drawn their own ‘Wanted’ signs and cartoon strips and many of the children have labelled them with the initial sounds /g/ for Goldilocks and /b/ for bear.


Philosophy for children: The children have spoken about the morals of the story. Who was doing the wrong thing? Many thought that Goldilocks was, as she went into the house without being invited and she ate the porridge and broke the chair. We showed the children the ‘crime scene’ of the three bear’s cottage with the broken chair. Mrs Howell was a very famous news reporter and she interviewed the characters from the story. The children took on the persona of the characters with great excitement and were able to articulate what the character and seen and how it made them feel. It was a fabulous moment of fame for those who participated.  


We have had helicopter stories again and the children are all eager to tell us their stories and act them out on the stage with their friends.


We have looked at number bonds to 10. The children are trying to find two numbers that together make ten. They have used the numicon to fit the numbers together and check the total by counting it and fitting a ten on top.

We have also has lots of fun in the sun!


Next week we plan to do the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. The children are really enjoying building with the large blocks, so we anticipate some fab bridge structures over the coming week. We are focusing on the very traditional nursery rhymes: baa baa black sheep, twinkle twinkle and humpty dumpty, to ensure that the children all go to F2 with the ability to sing a range of simple Nursery Rhymes with ease. You could practice this at home.

Please check your child’s book bag as we have given out letters for an educational visit and the next ‘Grown up Group time’. Please can these be returned to us by next Friday, Thanks.

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3 May 2019

T Turner (tturner) on: Foundation 1

This week we have had the familiar story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. This has helped us to talk about healthy eating. The children were able to tell us at circle time what their favourite food was and surprisingly there were many healthy options! We had James from Sports Factor teaching our P.E session. He will be with us every week this term.


The story brings in lots of number discussion. We spoke about the caterpillar growing bigger and bigger. The children counted his body parts, representing them with their finger painting.


We have reintroduced ‘Helicopter stories’. This is a way of teaching children to tell stories and act them out.  Children of this age are kinaesthetic learners and will learn best by moving around. Acting out the story gives them an insight into the world from another perspective. The children responded fantastically to this and we all enjoyed sharing our stories with each other. The wonderful thing is that the ‘stage’ (Large rectangle chalked/taped out on the floor) can stay there and the children can continue to act out their stories in the space during their child-initiated time.


Thank you for attending the ‘Grown up group time’. Once again, it was hugely successful in sharing your child’s learning experiences at school. We had a large amount positive feedback relating to the ‘teaching session’ in front of the interactive whiteboard and the information on phonics sound pronunciation. These sessions are typical of your child’s day at school and we are very pleased that you enjoyed them. We have added a clip for you to see how the sounds should be pronounced. As we said during the session, phonics should be fun and exposing the children to them during their play will encourage a passion to learn the, ready for F2.

Phonics Sounds Video

Dropping off at the gate is working really well! We have found many of the children to really embrace the independence that this gives them. Thank you for your support in making this transition.

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F1 Blog

4 April 2019

V Alford (admin) on: F1 Blog

This week we have read the story ‘We’re going on an egg hunt’. It was such a beautifully illustrated book with lift the flaps. The wolf at the end of the story instigated us playing ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’ in the garden.


Our beanstalks are growing fast. We have been comparing the sizes of them using mathematical language such as shortest, tallest, shorter, taller. We have sent them home for you to take care of. Please send in pictures if they grow well.

We have focused on repeating patterns and have seen how they can take the form of actions, threading, printing shapes and even when we line up; boy, girl or jumper, no jumper.

The Easter bunny came early dropping some plastic eggs in our garden, so we got into teams to see who could collect the most eggs for him. We compared our quantities and checked by counting them, recording the numerals.


In P.E we have been practicing our throwing and catching skills with bean bags and we learned the moves to a song that had a repeating pattern to it!

We would like to thank everyone who came along to watch our Easter Parade.  Thankfully the rain held off!  The hats were amazing and it was clear to see how much hard work went into making them.  The children even kept them on during lunch! Well done to all!


Please remember that children should be dropped at the gate in the mornings, in readiness for F2. The children seem to love the independence of walking in to the Nursery by themselves, when given the opportunity.

After Easter the story of the week will be ‘Whatever Next’ which is a lovely story about a bear that flies to the moon in his cardboard box. We will also have your Grown-up Group Times on the Thursday and Friday. The letters have gone out to inform you of your session date and time.

The F1 team would like to wish all of those celebrating a very Happy Easter! We hope that you all have an amazing time off. See you next term. Please remember that there is an inset day, so the children’s first day back is Wednesday 24th April.

29 March 2019

V Alford (admin) on: F1 Blog

Spring has sprung and the weather has been brighter this week, meaning that we have been able to enjoy some warmer weather outside.

The tree surgeons came to cut back some of the trees overhanging from the spinney. The children watched on in awe as they worked. We even caught one of them reading – UP THE TREE!

The children were fascinated by the spider’s web that we found covered with baby spiders. We looked closely at the detail and discussed the life of a spider. This was a great opportunity for the children to extend their understanding of the natural world.

Our story this week, ‘The Colour Monster’, has been a fantastic starting point for discussing and naming feelings. It enabled us to consider what makes us happy, sad, angry, scared and calm; what makes us feel these and strategies that we can do to help. The children have had the opportunity to draw a feeling in a jar and pictures to support it.

We read the Rainbow Fish story and then did a music and movement session to Ludovico Einaudi Nefeli. We danced around as the fish in the ocean, as one of us pretended to be the rainbow fish with shimmering scales (chiffon scarves). We played out the scenario of eventually sharing the scales and how it made us all feel.


Don’t forget the Easter Bonnet parade on Thursday, we are looking forward to seeing all of your creations.

The children have each drew some amazing pictures of their mummies, which have been made into keyrings for mother’s day gifts. Happy Mother’s Day!

The story next week will be ‘We’re going on an egg hunt’. We will have lots of Easter fun happening throughout the week.

As of after the Easter holidays we would like the children to be dropped at the gate and enter the Nursery by themselves. This should set the children up to make a good transition to the F2 routine next year. If you would like to start this from next week, to get your children ready for this adaption to their routine, please feel free to start. Many of the children have already begun this themselves.

22 March 2019

V Alford (admin) on: F1 Blog

This week we found giant footsteps in our garden, they were huge! The children thought about how they had got there and compared the size of his feet to ours. The footsteps lead to bag of magic beans.


The children thought that we should plant them to see what happens. We drew instructions and thought through the steps that we needed to follow to plant the beans including: planting, watering and placing near the sunshine. The children attempted to write their own names on the labels. We will be observing the changes of the beans over time.

We have been able to discuss height, using the language tall, tallest, short, shortest. We were outside building beanstalks outside which helped the children to visually compare the height of themselves and their beanstalk (tower of bricks).


We have drawn story maps in our group times which has really influenced the children’s drawing during their play. Many of the children have been retelling the story. We had a fantastic time choosing sides; Giant or Jack. The children sat on opposite sides of the room and acted out their chosen character’s part with great enthusiasm. This helped us to consider who the children preserved as the ‘baddie’ of the story. The children philosophised over their opinions putting forward cases of: Jack stole the chicken, so he was the baddie, or the giant was angry so he was the baddie. The opinions were divided, so the children chose their own character to draw on a WANTED poster, warning the rest of the school.  


We have explored using charcoal, looking in the mirror at our own features and drawing self-portraits, we promise we haven’t been sending them up chimneys!!


For phonics this week we have been singing some new songs with blending and segmenting of words. At home you could try to encourage this skill by breaking up the sounds in words (not the names of the letters) saying things like: can you get your h-a-t? You have water in your c-u-p.

Home learning for this half term has been placed in your child’s bag. Please either place pictures on the sheet provided or attach them to an email to our home learning email address.

We have a fantastic book for next week that is called ‘The Colour Monster’. This is a wonderful story about a monster that has his colours (feelings) all stirred up and we need to help him to sort them out. We are focusing on shape next week, looking at the properties of simple 2d shapes, naming the amount of sides and corners; straight or curved.

Thank you for all of your chocolate egg donations. The children had a fun mufti day!

Foundation 1 

The Woodlands


Learning through play is the only way!

As the children embark on their exciting journey through education, we are passionate about making this a fun and happy start: inspiring a life long love of learning. 

Young children learn best through their engagement in play. We resource the environment and support their learning by following the children's fascinations and interests. Their ability to access and choose freely encourages the development of the characteristics of effective learning. Our provision stimulates the children's natural curiosity to interact with the world and make sense of it. They have free access to a range of child initiated and adult led activities both indoors and outdoors, which cover the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. 

The nurturing nature of our Nursery team means that children feel secure and are able to develop strong relationships with both the adults that care for them and their peer group. Our Early Years Practitioners have key groups which include Foxes, Hedgehogs, Badgers and Squirrels. The children have a group time, which is a short focused activity based on maths, phonics, literacy and physical development. 

Each week, based on our observations of the children's interests we choose a story which influences a number of activities that are offered to the children. The text is read throughout the week and is delivered in a variety of ways; using puppets, story mapping and acting it out. The repetition of the story means that it influences the children's play, extends their vocabulary, build's their knowledge of stories and their structure, extend's their repertoire of books and promotes a love of reading. By the end of the week the children have a real ownership of the story and are able to join in with telling the story themselves. 

The benefit of the children attending our Nursery provision means that their transitions to school are smooth. They are familiar with routines, behavioural boundaries & expectations and the F2 team. All of which means that we are able to send the children off to their first day at school well prepared, confident and ready to learn. 



In September 2018, we will be offering the following options when you register for a place in our Nursery (Foundation 1 class)

* 15 hours funded place: all 3-4 year olds are eligible for free 15-hour Nursery education and you can join us from 8.45 am till 11.45 am each day.

* 30 hours funded place: if you are eligible for a free 30-hour nursery education you can join us from 8.45 am till 2.45 pm each day. (Please go to www.childcarechoices.gov.uk To find out if you meet the criteria for one of these places)

* 30 hours top-up place: if you are not eligible for free 30-hour place you can opt to pay for the extra five afternoon sessions at £19.50 for each day.

* 24 hours funded place: if you are eligible for a free 30-hour place but would prefer your child to come for more than 15 hours but less than 30, we are offering a 24-hour place, where your child comes all day (8.45-2.45) Monday, Wednesday and Friday and mornings only (8.45-11.45) on Tuesday and Thursdays.

* 24 hours top-up place: if you are not eligible for free 30-hour place you can opt to pay for the extra three afternoon sessions; Monday, Wednesday and Friday at £19.50 per session.


If your child is here all day, you have the choice of providing them with a packed lunch or buying a hot school meal at £2 per day. Our meals are all cooked freshly on site each day by an experienced chef who used to work in hotels in London and his amazing team! Our menu is available on the website under the Parents tab for you to see what we offer.


We have a before and after school club called Sunflower Group, running from 8.00 am till 9.00 am and 3.00 pm till 4.00 pm to extend your day a little further. Your child will be taken from Sunflower Group to Nursery in the morning and from nursery to Sunflower Group in the afternoon. The cost of this is £3 per session (morning or afternoon) and is bookable through our online ParentMail system once you are a parent of our school.


We also have Grover Club on site, a private Before and After-School Club, running from 7.30 am till 9.00 am and 3.00 pm till 6.30 pm each school day and full time in the school holidays. Grover take children from when they turn 4 years of age up to 11 years old (children can remain with them once they transfer to the Junior school for Year 3). Their Manager, Mrs Carter, can be contacted on 07879 876 830 to book a place on their waiting list. They are very popular!


Please contact the school office on 01296 481353 to talk to Theresa Headley about our Nursery places.


Home Learning: 

Each half term we will suggest an activity or experience that you may like to do with your children at home to extend their learning. We display any work or photographs that your children produce in your child's classroom. We now have an email address that you can send their home learning in to.

The email address is:  homelearning@bedgroveinfant.co.uk 

This will only be checked once per week, so please do not use this email address for anything other than home learning, thank you.   


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