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Bedgrove Infant School


School Council

Our School Council is made up of 8 representatives from Year 2 and 4 from Year 1. (Please see the display board in the entrance hall where you can read our members biographies.) We carry out surveys and discuss issues that may be related to new initiatives or curriculum changes to try and evaluate the impact of these changes on our school. We then pass any suggestions and ideas that the children in our school have, regarding these issues, to Miss Lawrence.

Spring 1

Building on the success of our council involvement in naming the Snug, the school council is currently collecting conceptual drawings from Years 1 and 2 of wooden display sculptures representing our new library and inclusion unit that will be considered for production and display over the coming months. Each councilor has taken this task back to their class teachers and classmates, and all children have been invited to contribute any of their designs. Once these have been collected and considered, they will be sent to the designer responsible for turning our designs into wooden sculpture!

Spring 2

During Spring 1, the school council organised voting for all children across years 1 and 2 and it was decided that the ‘Snug’ and ‘Little Bookworms’ would be the chosen names for the new inclusion unit and library respectively. Following on from this success, the councillors were again called upon to help design wooden sculptures to showcase the new names for display. Using the fundamental British values of democracy and individual liberty, the councillors invited all children from their classes across years 1 and 2 to draw their designs and submit them to the school council for consideration. The children responded generously and plenty of interesting designs were collected across KS1. These designs will be held until a carpenter is available to put some of our ideas into permanency!

During Spring 1, we also found the time at last to fill out our own biographies for display around the school, and each councillor was able to discuss in more depth why they wanted to be part of the council and what this means to them. Although we are cheerful and happy go lucky, all of our councillors have a sense of purpose and a drive to help their friends and their school, and this was very evident when discussing their reasons for standing for election.

Summer 1

As our health and safety week approaches, we have called upon our school council yet again to help us better understand how our children view health and safety around school, and how we may keep our children even safer and healthier. Each councillor was tasked with finding out from their classmates what they felt were the most important things at school keeping us safe, and also importantly if there are any areas which they feel could be improved.

Once all class lists are compiled, a vote will be carried out to rank each health and safety factor with regards to its importance, so the school council can prioritise which issues to bring forward to school management for the greatest impact on health and safety around school. Some very important and practical issues have already been raised, and we look forward to collating this information from KS1 over the coming days and relating the councils views to school management.