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Year 2

Week starting 23/06/19

G Read (gread) on: Year 2

We have had a very exciting week, the weather has been wonderful, we have rehearsed our school play and are finishing our long re-write of George's Marvellous Medicine with our own characters! 

Today we created some art work that will be sold at the summer fayre! Using watercolour paints, (purchased for the school by our wonderful, hardworking PTA) we have made paintings and cards which will be at a special students stall!

Week starting 16/6/19

G Read (gread) on: Year 2

All of Year 2 have had a wonderful time visiting Whipsnade Zoo! We have really enjoyed the trips this week and saw some of the amazing animals that we have learned about over the course of this year! 

All of Year 2 behaved very sensibly and politely and we (and the zoo staff!) were very impressed by their hard work. Well done Year 2, and thank you for such lovely days out!

Week starting 20/5/19

G Read (gread) on: Year 2

Our beautiful caterpillars turned to chrysalises and then into butterflies!

We have excitedly released them today...well done Year 2 for all of your amazing work this half-term, the Year 2 team want to say a massive thank you for being so brilliant! Have a wonderful break.

Freeing the butterflies

wc: 7/5/19

G Read (gread) on: Year 2

We have been very excitedly watching our caterpillars grow over the last 2 weeks! 

They came to us at a length between 5 to 7mm and this weeks are about that wide and twice as long (Tiger classes biggest was almost 3cm)!

We have discussed the life cycle of a butterfly and are aware that soon they will become chrysalis's, we are all very excited to watch and record the growth of the caterpillars over the coming weeks, some of them have already formed string inside of their special containers, since they've eaten so much food.

Pictures will be posted of our special butterfly homes when they are ready to leave their chrysalis.

Week starting 25/3/19

G Read (gread) on: Year 2

This week has been very exciting, learning about inverse operations and developing our understanding of how to check our answers in Maths. 

In EPIC we have continued to explore the rainforest, having a good grasp of all the wildebeests we are looking in a new story- a jungle adventure!

We are especially excited for the end of this week when we have our lovely parents visiting to help create our shoe-box dioramas (which you've so generously sent in!) to show what we have learnt about the rainforest so far.

Thank you for all of your support and the reading you do with your children, they've worked really hard this term to be the best they can be!

Year 2


Our Year 2's have had an excellent start to the year, exploring Fairy Tales in Epic (English and Topic combined!) with stories like Hansel and Gretel that led them on an adventure through the woods, and Billy Goats Gruff which saw them build their own bridges.

In Autumn our Topic, "P-P-P-Pick up a Penguin" really took off, helping us explore Antarctica and think like a penguin. We've drawn and written our own stories, making our own clay igloos and penguin friends.

In Spring, our "Fearsome Fires" Topic started with dangerous dragon stories, even making dragon eggs, and moved through to facts about English history. We have also looked at how 3D shapes are made!

We have really enjoyed our Topic "Butterfly Bedlam!" since we had REAL caterpillars living at school, we measured their rapid growth and have today released them as butterflies! We have introduced some new vocabulary surrounding these delicate creatures.

We are currently looking at the works of Roald Dahl and are exploring his stories, poems and creative writing in an attempt to produce wonderful, exciting, unique writing of our own.

Our Values shine brightly in every classroom and our walls reflect the hard work we have done so far!

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