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Year 2

Week starting 04/03/19

G Read (gread) on: Year 2

This week has been very exciting, we've been practicing our £'s and pence and learning even more about the rain forest, discussing how we can protect it and what lives within it! 

Zoolab came to Year 2 and showcased some incredible rain forest animals from all around the world including a frog, corn snake, giant snail, and a scorpion! This was followed by a storyteller to furthur inspire us.

We finished the week with a bang celebrating World Book Day in a fantastic array of characters!

Thank you for all of your help towards making this week so exciting.

Week starting 13/02/19

G Read (gread) on: Year 2

This week and last we have been practicing our Arithmetic and Reasoning ability in Maths and continuing our exploration of "The Great Fire of London" in an immersive story reading, writing and acting! 

Next half-term we will be learning more about money, adding and taking different types of coins. I'm sure they would like to practice this at the shops! Also, our Topic is expanding into "The Jungle is Massive" in which we are looking into the rain-forest!

Thank you for a wonderful half-term full of exciting fearsome fires. 

wc 21/1/18

G Read (gread) on: Year 2

In class this week we are practicing our place value skills through addition and subtraction.

We are continuing our studies surrounding Fearsome Fires, writing stories about "The Dragon Machine".  Over the next few weeks we will be exploring the Great Fire of London, studying history and we would be delighted to hear any facts you learn or already know!

At this time of year children are bringing in new clothes to keep cosy, ensure you label everything to aid your child recovering their belongings. Thank you!

Week starting 14/01/19

G Read (gread) on: Year 2

This week we have been looking at 3D shapes, exploring their names, what they look like, their properties and what 2D shapes they contain! We also looked into the nets of 3D shapes, how we make cubes and square based pyramids. In EPIC we are continuing with our wonderful new Topic, Fearsome fires, reading "The Dragon Machine" and thinking about what our own dragon would look like, to do this we've used descriptive language: adjectives and similes are our favourite methods of describing!

We would like to encourage questioning to establish comprehension when reading at home, we have had some lovely conversations in school about our new book and wonder what subjects you talk about at home!

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Week starting 10/01/19

G Read (gread) on: Year 2

This week we had an amazing visit from Moneysense on Monday, a team from Natwest that came in to talk to students about how we spend our money. They suggested that students might want to try some of the fun games on their site to help them think more about money this week through this link: https://mymoneysense.com/students/students-5-8/

We have been following this by learning about money and how we pay for things with coins in Maths.

Epic this term started with dragons for our new "Fearsome Fires" Topic! We have written a story about the New Year Dragon and drawn our own versions of the fiery beast! 

Thank you for your wonderful holiday stories and coming back calmly this term. 

Year 2


Our Year 2's have had an excellent start to the year, exploring Fairy Tales in Epic (English and Topic combined!) with stories like Hansel and Gretel that led them on an adventure through the woods, and Billy Goats Gruff which saw them build their own bridges.

Last half-term our Topic, "P-P-P-Pick up a Penguin" really took off, helping us explore Antarctica and think like a penguin. We've drawn and written our own stories, making our own clay igloos and penguin friends.

This half-term we start our "Fearsome Fires" Topic starting with dangerous dragon stories, even making dragon eggs, and moving through to facts about English history. We have also looked at how 3D shapes are made!

Our Values shine brightly in every classroom and our walls reflect the hard work we have done so far!

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