At Bedgrove Infant School we run a range of clubs to augment the already comprehensive music education received by our children.

We feel very strongly that Key Stage 1 children can benefit immensely from an extensive music education that allows all to let their musical talents shine through.


* To give children the opportunity to learn how to play a musical instrument

* To experience the art of performing with others

* To build upon the skills learnt in the classroom

* To give children a ‘Wider Opportunities’ experience


Tuesday                         3pm – 3.55pm      Drama Club        £2.50 per session

Tuesday                        4pm – 5pm            Ukulele Club      £7 per session

Wednesday                   3pm – 3.55pm       Recorder Club    £7 per session

Wednesday                   4pm – 5pm            Keyboard Club    £7 per session

Thursday                      3pm – 3.45pm       Choir                    £2 per session

Thursday                      4pm – 5pm            Language Club   £2.50 per session

Drama Club

This is a club that invites children to take part in drama-based games and activities, aimed at inspiring confidence, imagination and working together. Children visibly develop their self-confidence and ability to express themselves.

Ukulele Club

Children learn the basics of playing the ukulele and reading chord symbols and get opportunities to perform

Recorder Club

Children learn how to play the recorder with opportunities to perform.

Keyboard Club

Children learn how to use a keyboard to make music, and gain some insight into basic playing technique and reading notation.


In this choir children have opportunities during the year to perform, including ‘Energize’ at the Waterside Theatre, School Christmas and Summer Fayres and performances to parents and local OAP associations. A big confidence builder!

Language Club

This term we learn some basic French and have great fun doing so! Children love learning a new language and do so with no inhibition! After Christmas we will look at Spanish, Italian and perhaps a little Chinese and Japanese…