Bedgrove Infant School is still a Green Flag School!

The Green Flag is issued by the Keep Britain Tidy organisation and celebrates schools which are working in a sustainable, eco-friendly way. All Green Flag schools are re-assessed every 2 years to ensure the good work is being maintained, and that the school continues to develop ways in which it is sustainable. We recently had our re-assessment and are delighted to announce that we retained the Green Flag. One of the most important elements in retaining the flag is ensuring the whole school community is involved in all areas of sustainability. That is why we have added a new Eco page to the website, to keep you informed of what we are doing, and how you can support your child and the school in our on-going drive to be a green, sustainable school.

Our tag line is – are you doing your bit?; we hope that this will remind everyone that if we all do a little, together we can achieve a lot.


Our current Eco Warriors – 2013/14


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We now offer textile recycling at school. All adult and children’s clothing, paired shoes, handbags and linens can be deposited in the big yellow bin. Please note you can even deposit un-wearable items such as those with stains, ripped clothes etc. The items deposited are sorted after collection. Good quality items are sold on, whilst those which are past their best are shredded and recycled. The school receives a payment for items collected, which will go towards providing better resources and experiences for your children.


Waste Week Sheets

The children have had an assembly on waste, finding out what happens to the things we throw in the bin, and which items can be recycled. We are taking part in lunchtime-crunchtime, a National initiative which is hoping to reduce the amount of waste produced from packed lunches. Thanks to the Eco Warriors who helped carry out a lunchbox audit. We will be repeating the audit soon with the hope that the children have swapped some of the disposable items for recyclable ones.

The Big Bumblebee Discovery