Walk to School



The School Travel Plan aims to reduce unnecessary car trips to school and encourage parents, pupils, teachers, and staff to travel to and from school in safer, healthier and more sustainable ways.

Bedgrove Infant School has launched many initiatives over the years to help contribute to the success of their School Travel Plan.

This year we want to improve upon our success, and we need your support to make our travel to school safer, healthier using more sustainable methods.

 JUST REMEMBER, walking to school…

…burns calories and contributes to a Healthy Lifestyle

…helps children to be wide awake and ready to learn

…improves air quality on your streets

…reduces air pollution in your neighbourhood

…teaches your children Road Safety Awareness

…reduces congestion outside your school

Together we can make a huge difference!

Living Streets

The School is currently working in conjunction with a national charity Living Streets, whose aim is to get more children and adults walking to school and work. When the children arrive in school each day they record their trip using the Living Streets website www.livingstreets.org.uk. If they walk, scoot, cycle or park and stride at least once a week they are rewarded at the end of the month with a collectable badge.