Music occupies a very important place in the lives of children at Bedgrove Infant School. It is truly for all, and is there to be enjoyed to the full. Music encourages self-confidence, team spirit and creativity. At its best, the study of music is demanding yet immensely fulfilling and enjoyable, giving children a wonderful sense of achievement at every level. Above all, Music should inspire!


Key Areas

 Singing and Performance

Children are taught from an early age how to sing most effectively; they are taught to sing a variety of song styles and are shown ways to improve the quality of their singing, such as correct posture, breathing and using faces and bodies to add extra expression.

Rhythmic Skills

In this block children develop their skills and facility with making and feeling rhythms. They combine this with developing their skills in reading and understanding rhythmic notation.

Children develop their rhythmic skills by combining rhythms into ostinatii and playing different rhythm patterns ‘against’ each other to create a rhythmic ensemble – polyrhythms.

Melodic Skills

Children learn the solfa system for reading melodic notation, and begin to use hand signs for representing melodies visually. Children begin to understand how melodies are created.

Musical Contrasts

Children learn that music is full of contrasts – fast/slow, quiet/loud, high/low – and learn how these fit together to create different musical effects.

Musical Instruments and Musical Styles

Children gain an insight to the wonderful world of music, learning about the variety of musical instruments available and some of the different types of music they make.