School Council

School Council

Our School Council is made up of 8 representatives from Year 2 and 4 from Year 1. (Please see the display board in the entrance hall where you can read our members biographies.) We carry out surveys and discuss issues that may be related to new initiatives or curriculum changes to try and evaluate the impact of these changes on our school. We then pass any suggestions and ideas that the children in our school have, regarding these issues, to Mrs Wreglesworth. To date in 2016/17 our School Council have carried out one ongoing project.

Autumn Term: Naming the Inclusion Unit

In Autumn 2, our first project arose as the school started work on its new inclusion unit in the Year 2 block. Mrs Borg was invited to show our councillors around the newly completed block, and the council was granted the important task of trying to find a new name for this valuable resource for the children.

With the help of their class teachers, councillors explained their task to their fellow students and again a democratic vote was held in each class to find the top three favourite names for the unit. The results were noted and brought back to the council for discussion and collation.

Happily, one name for the new inclusion unit was chosen in their top 3 by 4 different classes throughout the Infant School, and this choice was considered by staff, with the children. A decision was reached and the result was fed back to the councillors so they could celebrate the fruits of their hard work! As announced in the 25th January newsletter, the winning name is The Snug,

Spring Term: Designing Wooden Sculptures to represent the new Library and SnugĀ 

Building on the success of our council involvement in naming the Snug, the school council is currently collecting conceptual drawings from Years 1 and 2 of wooden display sculptures representing our new library and inclusion unit that will be considered for production and display over the coming months. Each councilor has taken this task back to their class teachers and classmates, and all children have been invited to contribute any of their designs. Once these have been collected and considered, they will be sent to the designer responsible for turning our designs into wooden sculpture!