Governor Vacancies

The school has three Governor vacancies and would be very keen to hear from anyone who may be interested or know of someone who might be (01296 481353). A requirement of these specific Governor categories is that those applying cannot be a direct relative of any child in this school. The skills sets we are ideally looking for are in Human Resources, IT and Finance.

 Governor Vacancies 

Meet Our Governors

Mrs Jan Knight

Mrs Jan Knight

Role : To support the Governors, the Headteacher and Senior Leaders. To chair or participate in full Governing Body meetings and committee meetings, and to be a spokesperson for the Governing Body.

I have had the privilege of being a Governor at the school since 2000, when I was appointed as a Parent Governor whilst my eldest daughter was in Foundation 2. Both of my daughters thoroughly enjoyed their time at the school and it was a fantastic start to their school careers! I currently sit on the Finance & Buildings and Personnel & Pay Review Committees and I am the designated Governor for Child Protection.

During my time as a Governor I have seen many exciting changes and developments at the school and I look forward to continuing my involvement with the inspiring children and staff who make Bedgrove Infant School the Outstanding school that it is today.
Caroline WreglesworthHeadteacher

Caroline Wreglesworth

Having received all the professional development and career opportunities needed and enjoying the high expectations of an outstanding school – that stands out, but never still – I find myself totally committed to Bedgrove Infant School, 25 years on. The need to look beyond has never arisen because there has and is always something new happening as research throws up the next exciting challenge. The early years education of children between the ages of 3 – 7 are crucial in child development.

To be responsible, in my role as Headteacher since 2010, for leading a team of dedicated staff in teaching the skills and knowledge these very young children need to build the foundations for life, is a total privilege.
Julie Lawrence

Julie Lawrence

My role on the Governing Body is that of an Associate Governor.
As the Deputy Headteacher I attend all meetings to support the Governors in understanding the many aspects involved in performance of the school. I am able to deputise for the Headteacher if she is unable to attend, ensuring that a representative of the Senior Leadership Team is present at each meeting.
I ensure that information is shared between the Headteacher and Governors to keep everyone abreast of developments.
My main role so far has involved updating the policies which each school is required to have, making sure they contain the necessary information the Government dictates whilst clearly representing the ethos and practices of our school.

Helen Bush

Helen Bush

I was appointed as a parent governor in October 2010 when my daughter was in F2.

She is currently in Yr3 at Bedgrove Junior School. She thoroughly enjoyed her experience at Bedgrove Infant School, which I believe provided the best start to her education that I could have asked for as a parent.

I was delighted when the school received recognition from OFSTED as an outstanding school and I am determined to help ensure, in my role as a governor, that it is able to maintain the very high standards it sets itself for all the children who pass through our doors, now and in the future. I am a member of both the curriculum and the personnel & pay review committees. As part of a working group of governors and staff I have managed the annual parent survey since 2012. I help organise a programme of governor visits to school. I also take a particular interest in helping to ensure that school policies are reviewed, monitored and updated appropriately as I have a background in the development of policy. I was an active member of the infant school PTA from 2009 to 2013, including chair of the PTA in 2012/13. I was also appointed as a member of the Interim Executive Board of governors at Bedgrove Junior School in February 2014.
Mrs Theresa HeadleySchool Secretary

Mrs Theresa Headley
School Secretary

I have been the non-teaching staff governor for over 15 years.

I am also the school secretary and have been working at Bedgrove Infant School for 20 years. I thoroughly enjoy my role as both governor and school secretary which enables me to be involved in all aspects of school life.

I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else but to stay at this outstanding school.
Mrs Carolyn LeeTraining Consultant

Mrs Carolyn Lee
Training Consultant

I first became a parent governor in 2005 when my eldest child started at Bedgrove Infant School. I have been a member of the governing body since then and have had involvement in all of the committees.

I was Chair of the governing body from 2008-2012, a role I thoroughly enjoyed and one which enabled me to support the school in continuing to develop as an outstanding provider of education. I joined the staff team in 2012 as F1 Manager and am also a member of the Senior Leadership team. Prior to this I worked as an Early Years consultant both independently and for Buckinghamshire Early Years Team.
Mrs Annette SmithSenior & SpecialistTeaching AssistantHLTA

Mrs Annette Smith
Senior & Specialist
Teaching Assistant

I have been working at Bedgrove Infant School for 25 years in January 2016. Both
my children came to Bedgrove and loved the whole time they were here. I started
as a mum helper in 1990 then took on a midday supervisor role in 1991. I was
then asked to take a on a job as an LSA as TA's were called then . I was happy
to join such an amazing school and be paid for it. My husband calls it my hobby.
I look forward to meeting the challenge of becoming a Governor at Bedgrove
Infant School.
Mrs Carole Godley
I have been involved with Bedgrove Infant School since 2009 when my eldest son joined F1. He is now in Y5 but enjoyed every minute of his time at the infant school. Firmly believing the school nurtured him both academically and socially, I want to make sure other children, and in particular my youngest son who is currently in Y1, benefit from the same positive environment and education.

I was elected parent governor in May 2013 and soon became Development Governor, a role which I still occupy. I am now also Chair of the recently formed Resources Committee and sit on the Curriculum and Management Committees. I have helped this year with various initiatives such as the Parents Survey and the kitchen project.

In 2014, I also joined the Shadow Governing Body of Bedgrove Junior School where I am currently Vice-Chair and sit on both the Operations Committee and the Teaching and Learning Committee.
Mrs Sue Quirk
My name is Sue Quirk and I recently became a co-opted governor at Bedgrove Infant School.
Many years ago I served as a governor at the school I worked in and my children attended and I now find myself serving on the body for the school my granddaughter attends. Things have changed somewhat and I am looking forward to the challenges this role now brings. I aim to fully support the school in every way I can and to help them maintain their Outstanding Ofsted status.
In my working life I am an Education Manager working with Looked After Children, I visit many schools and work alongside a variety of professionals and some amazing young people and I feel that the experience and knowledge I have gained from this will enable me to become a valued member of the team.
Mr Phil Jackson
My name is Philip Jackson and I became a co-opted governor at Bedgrove Infant School in September 2015
I currently have two boys attending the school, the eldest in year 2 and the youngest in year 1. I am a professionally qualified accountant, currently working in catering, but I also have experience in IT and Human Resources. I hope that the school leadership and the Board of Governors can draw on these skills to enable them to continue to run the school efficiently, and maintain the fantastic standards of education that our children currently benefit from.
Mrs Chrissie Green
My name is Chrissie Green, and recently I have become a co opted governor at Bedgrove Infant School.

I have two children at the school within Foundation 1 and Year 2 and after seeing how my daughter has flourished within the school felt that supporting the school as a governor was the next step forward.

In my home life I am currently setting up to childmind until my youngest who is 1 starts school, and have recently completed my degree within Education Studies and Human Geography at Northampton University, with other childcare knowledge, qualifications and experience aim to help the school maintain its outstanding Oftsed status and support the children, staff and parents within the school.

Mrs Daphne McKay
Year Group Manager

Both my children attended BIS and thoroughly enjoyed their time here. I joined the staff at the same time as my eldest child started in F2, first as a parent helper then as a lunchtime supervisor before becoming a TA. I did my teacher training at BIS and was delighted to be offered a job at the school. I have been Year Group Leader in Year 1 and am now doing the same in F2.
Mr Mark Warner

Mr Mark Warner

My role on the governing body is that of a staff governor.

I am the parent of five children, three of whom have been educated at the Infant school, and I have been involved with the school as a parent for nearly 15 years.

After graduating with a music degree, I was employed as a university lecturer in Hull, and subsequently as a music teacher by Oxfordshire County Council. I then chose to change direction and enjoyed a successful career as Software Development Director for a large computer services provider for nearly 20 years. In 2012 I chose to return to the teaching profession, and feel extremely privileged to be able to teach in the Outstanding School where my children were so happy.

I am still heavily involved in music professionally and lead many local ensembles, including Aylesbury Symphony Orchestra. I also have a keen interest in the Government's 'Assessment Without Levels' strategy and am keen to continue developing systems within school which have a positive impact on children's learning.

Serving Governors and their role

GovernorsCategory of
Term End DateOffice HeldAdmissions
Curriculum and Standards (Incl Extended Services) CommitteeResources CommitteeManagement CommitteeComplaint CommitteeStaff Dismissal, Pay Review Appeal and Employee Grievance CommitteeStaff Dismissal Appeals CommitteePupil Discipline Committee
Helen BushCO31/12/16PM, SR* * (PR)** 3 Res* 3 Res**
Carole GodleyPA16/05/17SR, PM* Chair (PR)**** 4 Res* 1 Res
Chrissie GreenCO17/11/19Vice-Chair1, SEND (Des)
SMSC/PSHE, Science, PM Des
*** 2 Res* 1 Res* 3 Res*
Theresa HeadleyCO-S20/5/18SEND PE**
Phil JacksonCO17/11/19Chair, PM Des ICT/H&S* V/C (PR)* 1Res** 1 Res*
Jan KnightPN15/10/17More Able, Complaints, PM, SR* Chair*** 2 Res**
Julie LawrenceCO-S20/5/18SR***
Carolyn LeeCO-S20/5/18SR, Literacy, Development*
Kalsum Mohammed
PN24/11/19Vice Chair 2, EYFS,
Equality and Diversity
***** 2 Res* 2 Res
Sue QuirkCO17/11/19CP, Pupil Premium* Chair*** 4 Res** 4 Res
Mark WarnerSTF31/12/16Numeracy*
Annette SmithAssociate17/11/15Comms*

2016 Constitution – Total 15 LA-1, PN-2, PA-2, CO-8, STF-1, HT-1 Updated Autumn 2016

PR-Pay Review Governors    

Governors may only participate in appeals if they have had no prior involvement with the case.   

The Management Committee meets when necessary


Attendance at Meetings

 Helen BushCarole GodleyChrissie GreenTheresa HeadleyPhil JacksonJan KnightHelena Laughton
Resigned March 2016
Julie LawrenceCarolyn LeeKalsum MohammedSue QuirkCaroline
Sujata Rajan
Resigned October 2016
Annette SmithMark WarnerDaphne McKay  
Resources Committee
***Apologies RecievedApologies ReceivedApologies Received**
Curriculum Committee
***Apologies ReceivedApologies ReceivedApologies ReceivedApologies ReceivedApologies Received*
Resources Committee
**Apologies Received*Apologies Received***
Full Governing Body
**Apologies Received************
Curriculum Committee
*******Apologies Received**
Full Governing Body
***********Apologies Received*
Resources Committee
**Apologies ReceivedApologies Received***
Curriculum Committee
*Apologies ReceivedApologies ReceivedApologies Received***Apologies Received*Apologies Received
Full Governing Body
*****Apologies Received*******
Resources Committee
*****Apologies Received*
Curriculum Committee
*Apologies Received**Apologies Received**

Governors Pecuniary Interests

NameBusiness InterestsRoles Within Other Eduction EstablishmentsRelationships Between Governors and Staff
Helen BushChair Of Governors at
Bedgrove Junior School
Carole GodleyGovernor at
Bedgrove Junior School
Chrissie Green
Theresa Headley
Phil Jackson
Jan KnightWorks for Governor Services at Bucks County Council
Helena Laughton
Resigned March 2016
Julie Lawrence
Carolyn LeePartner films the Christmas concerts
Kalsum Mohammed
Karen Parks
Sue QuirkTeacher at another school
Caroline Wreglesworth
Sujata Rajan
Resigned October 2016
Annette Smith
Mark Warner


SEN Report March 2017

Curriculum GB Committee Meeting 24.1.17

Resources GB Committee Minutes 28.2.17

Full Governing Body Minutes 16.11.16

Curriculum Committee Minutes 6.10.16

Curriculum Minutes 6-5-16

Full Governing Body minutes 22-6-16

Resources Minutes 30-6-16

Full Governing Body minutes 17-10-16


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