Mathematics in KS 1

In KS1 the children follow the 2013 National Curriculum

The curriculum is divided into several different areas:


· Number and Place Value

· Addition and Subtraction

· Multiplication and division

· Fractions



· Properties of Shape

· Position and Direction

Statistics-year 2 only

Children have daily maths lessons during which they are taught specific skills and have the opportunity to practise them in different contexts such as number sentences presented in different ways and problem solving. Children also have frequent mental and oral maths sessions where they are continually developing their knowledge of number facts and improving their counting skills. Children are given opportunities and encouraged to explain their ideas and talk about the work they are doing.

The links and information here provide information about the Maths curriculum, calculation strategies used across the school and ideas for home learning to support your child at home.

Further information will be added in due course to give an overview of which areas of Maths will be taught in the upcoming half term.

Calculation policy Feb 2017 draft

Supporting Your Child at Home with Maths F2

KS 1 Supporting your child with developing their fluency with number facts and counting

Using blank number lines to add and subtract

Maths Evening PPT March 2017