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Bedgrove Infant School


We are delighted to be able to share with you a virtual tour that we have filmed of the school with pupils and staff. 

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I am delighted to introduce Bedgrove Infant School to you. As Headteacher, I warmly welcome you on behalf of the children, staff and Governors. We hope you will enjoy learning more about our unique school.

At Bedgrove Infant School our vision is to Believe everyone can succeed, to Inspire everyone to achieve their best and that everyone should Shine with confidence and self-belief. We strive to ensure your young child’s first experience of schooling is a positive one, instilling a life-long love of learning and an eagerness to enjoy life.

Our school is brimming with: dedicated and talented staff, enthusiastic and happy children and, exciting and challenging opportunities to become immersed in the curriculum and develop learning.

I do hope you enjoy this glimpse of our amazing school through the window of our website. As Headteacher I have the absolute pleasure and privilege of working here every day. If you would like to discover more about the world of Bedgrove Infant School and what makes us so special, then please come and see us and find out for yourself.

Julie Lawrence


Feedback from Parent Survey July 2020:

'The school is amazing and has been even more amazing during this very difficult time. I cannot thank them enough for all they do and continue to do for my child and the other children. Bedgrove infant always give 100% and during lockdown have continued to give 100%. I cannot think of anything more that they could have done. I am so lucky to have my son in a dynamic, caring and positive school. He has truly flourished.'


'The Headteacher has an amazing school and dedicated, wonderful staff.'


'The school has been fantastic during this difficult time. We have always felt communicated with even if there was not much to say at the beginning. There has always been plenty of options available for work to complete which helped create a structure for home schooling, and the huge effort it must have taken to get so many staff back into school enabling so many children to return has been phenomenal. I feel so lucky that our daughter attends Bedgrove Infant School.'


'We cannot praise the school enough for how the covid19 situation has been handled. It has been extremely difficult for everyone. Our children came back to school last week and both settled back in as though nothing is different, despite the fact they are in different classrooms and one has different teachers. Fantastic job!'


'We would like to thank you for all of the hard work and energy you have put into the school. We have seen the changes that you have implemented in the school since my eldest joined in F2, which was your first year in the post. Although this is our catchment school, I would still recommend this school to any parent considering apply for a place. Personally I believe one of the successes of a head teacher is to not have too many parents needing to see you. For small concerns Mrs Sim, you or another member of the team have always been on the gate. This presence has been important to ensure parents are communicating their smaller concerns and fosters a positive environment, as those parents have felt listened too.'


'How valued Miss Lawrence is. The role of a Headteacher seems to become ever more complicated and the term educator seems to fall so, so short of the actual job description. Miss Lawrence always appears to be being proactive, of course Covid dictated reactive steps. But huge amounts of forward thinking have still been displayed and they continue to be.'

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