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Foundation 1

15 November 2019 Treetop Class

T Turner (tturner) on: Foundation 1

It’s been a wonderful week of learning in Treetop Class with our story ‘Lima’s Red Hot Chilli Pepper’. We have dissected a chilli, looking at what was inside. Mrs Warwick tasted a very small piece of the chilli and, just like Lima, she had fireworks coming out of her mouth! She had to try to cool it down with the food/drink out of the story. We have looked at the shapes and colours on Rangoli patterns and recreated our own. The Bedgrove Balti has been fully booked with customers all week, with some very busy chefs and waiters taking their orders.



The children have observed a 2 minute silence by watching the CBeebies clip of a bunny in a poppy field. We made poppies by printing with apples and corks. We also went on a listening walk, where the children listened for a minute and then drew on clipboards all of the sounds they heard.


We have focused on numbers 1-6, with numicon. The children are becoming really familiar with this resource and are learning the mnemonic to support their formation of the numeral. Here is a picture for you to use to support this learning at home.


The children have enjoyed their mufti day for Children in need, with a visit from Pudsey Bear. This leads in really nicely to our story for next week, which will be Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


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Meadow Class 15th November 2019

T Turner (tturner) on: Foundation 1

This week in Meadow Class, we have acknowledged Remembrance Day by making our own poppies. We discussed the shape of poppies then used apple halves to create the petals and corks to make the centres.


We have also been raising money for Children in Need, wearing spotty and yellow clothes, celebrating with Pudsey and having a day of dancing and fun!


We have enjoyed returning to the Spinney for a pleasant listening walk, exploring the sounds out and about.

We have also been working on our gross motor skills by completing our 5 a day dance routine as well as continuing to build on our fine motor skills.

Next week, we will be transforming into superheroes! The children will be completing a superhero agility course, saving creatures from the evil Green Goblin and creating their very own superhero! If you have any old Superhero comics you would like to donate we would be very grateful. 

Thanks again for all of your continued support.

Meadow Class Team

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Treetop Class 8th November 2019

T Turner (tturner) on: Foundation 1

Stickman is a clear favourite. They have been eagerly finishing the rhymes in the story. We went out into the school with a 'Warning Triangle' drawing symbols to warn Stickman of the dangers in our school, visiting the hall, kitchen, playgrounds and vegetable patch. We saw Stickman and his family and this prompted us to draw pictures of our families. We have kept these to go in the children's Learning Journeys. Well done to those who completed their home learning, making their own Stickman, they looked fab!



We painted using sticks and explored the natural materials in our tuff spot with bugs inside. The children hunted for the bugs then counted how many legs they had, recording it on a number line. 
The children LOVE bubbles. One of the children made the comment 'There is nothing in the world better than bubbles! (How cute?)
We've had a blast this week with our firework dancing each morning! Thank goodness we'd eaten our Weetabix!! Talking of dances, the children were ace at learning a new dance to Indian music to celebrate Diwali. If you play it at home it is 'Punjabi MC'. We aim to keep practicing this next week, along with our book of the week 'Lima's Red Hot Chilli', which is a bilingual book with English and Telugu. If any parents are able to read Telugu, we would love you to come in and read it to the children. 
We hope you have a lovely weekend, Treetop Team.

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Meadow Class 8th November 2019

T Turner (tturner) on: Foundation 1

Welcome back Meadow Class! 

 We hope you all have had a great half term break. This week in class we have been doing plenty of talking! We have chatted about the fun party’s and costumes we have dressed up as over half term. We have been talking about fireworks, the sounds of them and the colours they make then creating fireworks pictures and dances.


We have also been warming up our fingers for fine motor skills. We have been taking it in turns, challenging our fingers to complete funky finger activities. There has been some bead threading, ribbon wriggling and even some animal rescuing where the children needed to pick off the tape to save the animals on the tray. 


Next week we are looking at the story of ‘My friend bear’. Following the children’s excitement of going to the Spinney, we will be going back there to find some food for teddy bears and who knows what we might find when we go down to the woods!

Thank you for all of your support. 


Meadow Class team.


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Treetop Class 25th October 2019

T Turner (tturner) on: Foundation 1

The traditional tale of the three little pigs was loved and chanted by all this week. We had so much fun in a pig’s v’s wolves style active story. It gave the children the passion to continue using the repeated refrains in their own role plays. 


In maths, our pigs had lost their tails. We rolled our dice and counted out the same amount of tails and then glued them to our pigs. 


Thanks to Mr Wilkins for allowing us to visit his garden and collect 8 BIG pumpkins. We took our wheelbarrow, but it wasn’t quite big enough! We had so much fun investigating the insides of them. Mrs Warwick made us some very tasty pumpkin soup, which we dipped out toast into, yummy! 



We went out into the spinney to collect some items for the house of sticks. Whilst we were there we looked at the signs of autumn all around us. The children showed great interest in the hole in the tree. Who might live there?



After our trip to the spinney, we thought it might be nice to have ‘Stick Man’ as our story of the week. Perhaps during half term, you could create your very own Stick Man! and bring him in to show us. You can also send in photos to our email address:


It’s been such an amazing first half term. We feel very lucky to have got to know your children and their little personalities. Thank you for your continued support. 

Please remember that we have an inset day on Monday 4th November. Have a great half term. 

From Treetop team. 

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Foundation 1 

Treetop class & Meadow class


Learning through play is the only way!

As the children embark on their exciting journey through education, we are passionate about making this a fun and happy start: inspiring a life long love of learning. 

Young children learn best through their engagement in play. We resource the environment and support their learning by following the children's fascinations and interests. Their ability to access and choose freely encourages the development of the characteristics of effective learning. Our provision stimulates the children's natural curiosity to interact with the world and make sense of it. They have free access to a range of child initiated and adult led activities both indoors and outdoors, which cover the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. 

Our Nursery School is made up of two classes: Treetop Class and Meadow Class. Each has a Class Teacher and a team of experienced Early Years Practitioners. The nurturing nature of our Nursery team means that children feel secure and are able to develop strong relationships with both the adults that care for them and their peer group.

Each week, based on our observations of the children's interests we choose a story which influences a number of activities that are offered to the children. The text is read throughout the week and is delivered in a variety of ways; using puppets, story mapping and acting it out. The repetition of the story means that it influences the children's play, extends their vocabulary, build's their knowledge of stories and their structure, extend's their repertoire of books and promotes a love of reading. By the end of the week the children have a real ownership of the story and are able to join in with telling the story themselves. 

Each morning, the children take part in a short group time. This is a fun activity based around a learning objective. It is delivered in a variety of ways to accommodate the children's preferred learning styles. 

The benefit of the children attending our Nursery provision means that their transitions to school are smooth. They are familiar with routines, behavioural boundaries & expectations and the F2 team. All of which means that we are able to send the children off to their first day at school well prepared, confident and ready to learn. 



We will be offering the following options when you register for a place in our Nursery:

* 15 hours funded place: all 3-4 year olds are eligible for free 15-hour Nursery education and you can join us from 8.45 am till 11.45 am each day.

* 30 hours funded place: if you are eligible for a free 30-hour nursery education you can join us from 8.45 am till 2.45 pm each day. (Please go to www.childcarechoices.gov.uk To find out if you meet the criteria for one of these places)

* 30 hours top-up place: if you are not eligible for free 30-hour place you can opt to pay for the extra five afternoon sessions. (Please see the office for cost details)

* 24 hours funded place: if you are eligible for a free 30-hour place but would prefer your child to come for more than 15 hours but less than 30, we are offering a 24-hour place, where your child comes all day (8.45-2.45) on three days of the week and half day (8.45-11.45) two days of the week. Please express your interest for preferred days on application. 

* 24 hours top-up place: if you are not eligible for free 30-hour place you can opt to pay for the extra three afternoon sessions.


If your child is here all day, you have the choice of providing them with a packed lunch or buying a hot school meal at £2 per day. Our meals are all cooked freshly on site each day by an experienced chef who used to work in hotels in London and his amazing team! Our menu is available on the website under the Parents tab for you to see what we offer.


We also have Grover Club on site, a private Before and After-School Club, running from 7.30 am till 9.00 am and 3.00 pm till 6.30 pm each school day and full time in the school holidays. Grover take children from when they are 3 years of age up to 11 years old (children can remain with them once they transfer to the Junior school for Year 3). Their Manager, Mrs Carter, can be contacted on 07879 876 830 to book a place on their waiting list. They are very popular!


Please contact the school office on 01296 481353 to talk about our Nursery places.


Home Learning: 

Please share any moments at home that you would like us to know about. We display any work or photographs that your children produce in your child's classroom. We now have an email address that you can send their home learning in to.

The email address is:  homelearning@bedgroveinfant.co.uk 

This will only be checked once per week, so please do not use this email address for anything other than home learning, thank you.   


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