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Year 2 Blog

WC: 2/03/20

V Alford (admin) on: Year 2 Blog

This week we have been learning about Florence Nightingale in preparation for our trip on Wednesday and Friday. As a reminder, we are going to be leaving at 9am so please be prompt when you drop off. Children will need to wear their school polo shirt and jumper/cardigan (it may be cold so you might want to wear layers underneath!), jogging bottoms, comfortable trainers or walking shoes and a waterproof coat. Also, the children will need a backpack so that they can carry their lunchbox and water bottles.

On Thursday it's World Book Day. Please remind your child to bring in their favourite book as the children will be doing activities related to this throughout the day.

WC 10/02/20

V Alford (admin) on: Year 2 Blog

This week we have been summarising everything we have learnt about The Plague and creating a non-fiction document. This week we have had curriculum week so we have been thinking about the environment, in particular endangered animals and where they live. You could review the map of the world with your child and see if they can name the continents and the oceans. 

In Maths we have been learning about partitioning numbers into different numbers (eg. 24 = 20 + 4, or 24 = 14 + 10), finding the difference between two numbers and practising measuring using rulers and capacity.

The children also enjoyed taking part in a special PE lesson where they learnt different sports including archery, hockey and basketball.

Next week is half term! The children have worked so hard this term so here are some ideas that you can do over half term:

  • go on a bike ride
  • read a book on your own and with your family
  • laugh until your tummy hurts
  • go outside and enjoy the weather
  • spend time with your friends and family
  • do something you have never done before

Have a lovely break!

Week commencing 3/2/20

V Alford (admin) on: Year 2 Blog

This week we have been practicing how to solve worded problems and identify which operation you need to solve it. You could practice with your child how to spot key words that give you a clue about how to solve it (eg. "altogether" is likely to mean addition). If you don't know which one to do, try drawing a picture to help you.

In Epic we have been learning about The Black Plague. We particularly enjoyed watching a bubo (doughnut!) explode! We wrote some fantastic descriptive writing about this!

Next week is curriculum week. We will be learning about how to be environmentally friendly, including talking about our use of plastic. You could look at how much single-use plastic you use at home and what other options you could use instead to help the planet.

A gentle reminder - please can you fill in your forms for the Claydon House trip and if you would like to make a voluntary contribution, please make sure you pay this through Parent Mail by 14th February.

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How to multiply using groups

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