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Year 2 Blog

Week commencing 13/01/20

V Alford (admin) on: Year 2 Blog

This week we have been learning about 3D shapes and solving reasoning problems relating to their properties. In Epic we have been continuing to learn about The Great Fire of London; sequencing events, designing Tudor houses and comparing fire brigades in 1666 to now. 

Next week, in Maths, we will be revising the four operations in arithmetic; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We have uploaded some tutorial videos that you can watch with your child at home. We really hope this will be useful for you to see how we teach these operations at school and also it will enable your child to be more confident in lessons.

In Epic we will begin to make our Tudor houses and be learning how to improve their writing by using exciting sentence openers, adverbs, conjunctions and contractions.

Spring Term 2020

V Alford (admin) on: Year 2 Blog

We have a very exciting term ahead looking at Ghastly Germs. We are having a WOW morning on Friday 10th January, where the children will take part in a range of science, D.T. and creative art activities. 

The following week we will look at the Great Fire of London before moving on to learn about The Plague.

In maths we will be beginning to look at money, recognising coins and working out how to make different amounts.

Week Beginning 25th Novemeber 2019

V Alford (admin) on: Year 2 Blog

The children have been working hard learning all about multiplication, using he langauage "times" or "lots of". Next week we will be moving on to division and "grouping" objects and numbers.

In Epic we will be looking at the book The way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers. We will explore the text through art and role play, before looking at ordering the story and the conversations between the characters.

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Year 2

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Year 2


How to add two 2-digit numbers

How to subtract two 2-digit numbers using a number line

How to multiply using groups

How to divide using a bar model method
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