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Autumn Term 1

4 November 2018 (by S Perrottet (sperrottet))

Take a look at what we have been up to last term. We have been extremely busy!

Last term we had a wonderful time completing the topic ‘Awesome Autumn’. Over the last 7 weeks we have settled really well in to Year 1 and our new classrooms. We took a trip in to the spinney to talk about what we could see, hear, smell and touch around us – using our descriptive words, we then created a beautiful poem which we used for our Harvest Festival celebrations. We read ‘Stickman’ and created our own story map and actions around this story book. We then read ‘Supertato’ which lead to a visit from ‘The Evil Pea’ who created a mess in our playground! The teachers we’re not happy that he did not return to clean up his mess! However, we did create some instructions of how to keep ‘The Evil Pea’ away and make sure this does not happen again. The teachers were very impressed with our instruction ordering and creative writing. In maths we have been using our resources to add and takeaway. We have learnt how to partition a teen number and work out how many sides, vertices and faces a 3D shape has. As well as this we have enjoyed still life painting, floating and sinking activities, understanding what is healthy and unhealthy for me, discussing the history of bonfire night about staying safe around fireworks. It has been a busy term and we are very much looking forward to the next 7 weeks!

Still life vegetable art

Still life vegetable art

Supertato creations

Healthy and Unhealthy activity

Floating and sinking

The Evil Pea visit